Financial strategy and execution often has to be proceeded by business strategy. If the company has not zeroed in to the “right things to do”, financial structuring alone may be difficult and unfruitful.

Swan’s leadership team has wide experience in strategic consulting to help companies develop the right strategic path for the future. We have usually been retained by the Board of Directors or Promoters for a rapid assessment of a company’s financial performance, management skill and depth and business segment profitability, in order to formulate a range of corporate and functional strategies.

We help companies by providing a range of strategic consulting services, including:

  • External market analysis

  • Internal capability mapping

  • Growth strategies

  • New-market Entry-strategy

  • Strategic investments and/or divestitures

  • Leadership and succession planning

  • Operational Restructuring

  • Systems and Processes for Scalability

  • Technology-enablement

  • Financial control and internal audits

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